Dad From a Distance
How Non-custodial Fathers Can and Still Should Be Fantastic Dads

Developed from themes and strategies from his book of the same name

Dad from A Distance lays out in very real and stark terms an entire menu of practical and tactical strategies that can elevate any non-custodial father’s level of engagement with his children. It also lays out how to navigate all the obstacles (real and imagined) that can stand in the way of that goal. The backdrop of all of these strategies is the premise that because a child lives in a fatherless home doesn’t mean he or she has to have a fatherless life


1. Danielle’s (Greg’s daughter) foreword to the book

  • Through the eyes of a child

2. Things to Remember

  • Your default role in your child’s life

  • It’s never too late

  • Don’t give up

  • The power of Mea Culpa

  • Don’t seek praise or accolades

  • Maintain the correct balance between Dad and Friend

3. Navigating Potential Obstacles

  • Time

  • Distance

  • Communication

  • Separating Apples from Oranges

  • New Significant Others

4. Things to BE

  • Consistent

  • Present

  • Respectful

  • Focused on the Big Picture

5. Child Support

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • Court ordered vs. Voluntary

  • Child Support and the Serenity Prayer

6. Staying Connected Beyond Visitation

  • Follow the “BE’s”

    • BE Present

    • BE in Touch

    • BE Engaged

    • Be Consistent

    • BE Respectful

7. Your Home

  • A space that feels permanent vs. temporary

  • Your child on prominent display

8. The Holidays

  • Celebrate them ALL

9. Things to DO

  • A comprehensive list of things you can do to elevate the quantity and quality of the time you spend with your children


10. Where do you go from here

  • Open Forum Discussion and Q & A

  •  Take-aways 

  •  Leave-behinds

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