The 93% Rule

What people really listen to

Program Length: 1.0 – 1.25 hrs

Studies have shown that when others listen to us, only 7% of what they “hear” is words. That means that “93%” of what they “listen” to is our tone of voice and body language. In this program, Greg takes a look at some common applications and misapplications of “The 93% Rule” in personal and professional interaction. “The 93% Rule” is a message that every one should “hear” and “listen” to.


I Leadership, Service, Communication, and the 93% Rule

  • The 93% Rule explained
  • 7% Words
  • 38% Tone of Voice
  • 55% Body Language

II The 93% Rule Personified

  • The A-List
  • The B-List
  • Reflective qualities of the 93% Rule

III The 93% Rule Applied

  • The 93% Rule in E-Communications
  • The 93% Rule over the Phone
  • The 93% Rule in Meetings
  • The 93% Rule at work when you’re not aware of it

IV FAQs about how The 93% Rule

V Albert Schweitzer on Influence

VI Lessons from Sarah