The Chameleon Approach

When we adapt, we survive

Program Length: 1.5 – 1.75 hrs

One style does not fit all in communications. In this fast paced, highly interactive workshop, you’ll gain powerful insights on what makes people react as they do, and specific strategies for “adapting” to 4 of the most common behavioral styles. No matter whom you’re dealing with, the lesson of the Chameleon is clear – they don’t adapt to make a fashion statement, they adapt to survive!


I What makes some people difficult

  • When they don’t think, act, and react like us
  • Conversion… the lost cause
  • Adapting… The winning solution

II The Chameleon Grid

  • Interactive response grid

III The Four Interpersonal “Backgrounds”

  • Director, Entertainer, Relater, and Perfectionist
  • Characteristics
  • Identifying them in professional and personal interactions
  • Understanding how they react to and cope with change

V Strategies for “Adapting”

  • Adapting to the Director
  • Adapting to the Entertainer
  • Adapting to the Relater
  • Adapting to the Perfectionist

V Why Chameleons really change colors…

  • Embracing the need to change