Wake Me When It’s Over

Why so many presentations suck and yours don’t have to

Program Length: 4.0 – 6.0 hrs (customized programs to help with specific presentation design and delivery)

Let’s face it – most of us have seen our share of presentations that left us less than impressed with (i.e. they “sucked”). The fact is that most presentations that struggle do so because of a very clear set of avoidable factors. In this program you’ll learn critical strategies to overcome those factors from one of the best – Greg Gray has given more than a thousand presentations all over the world. When you come to this workshop, be prepared to get a full toolbox of ideas, strategies, and techniques that will help you become a more confident, more effective presenter!


I    Presentation Paradigms that Doom you from the Start

  • Some topics are just boring
  • Some audiences just don’t get it
  • You’re not supposed to be nervous
  • Managing the “Butterfly Factor”

II    Preparation is Key

  • Know Thy Subject Matter – On being a subject matter expert without acting like a subject matter expert
  • Know Thy Audience – Researching audience demographics and motivations and why you should seek out opponents of your message
  • Know Thy Expected Outcome – What do you want them feel, think, and be able to do

III    3 Critical Questions that Every Audience Wants and Needs you to Answer

  • What happens if you fail to answer any of them
  • The question that most often goes unanswered
  • How to structure your presentation around answering the 3 critical questions

IV    Creating a Need to Listen to You by “Digging A Hole”

  • Capturing the audiences attention in the first 90 seconds
  • Making the case for why listening to you is in their best interest
  • Strategies that will make the audience “lean forward”

V    Understanding the 3 Modes of Presentation

  • The Messenger
  • The Instructor
  • The Facilitator
  • How failing to “maintain your lane” can cripple the effectiveness of your message

VI    Audio/Visuals – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

  • Presentation Software – common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Audio and Video in Presentations – 6 important things to keep in mind
  • The Easel Pad (vs. the Flip Chart) – 5 tips for enhancing it’s use and reducing the audience’s ire
  • Microphones – 5 mic issues that trip up most presenters
  • Avoiding handouts that suck
  • How and why the internet can be evil when it comes to presentations

VII    Using Humor

  • When it can enhance vs. harm your presentation
  • Jokes vs. Humor
  • Reality Check

VIII    The 93% Rule

  • How your body language and tone of voice factor in
  • The A-List and the B-List
  • An important self check question
  • Making sure that what they are hearing is not being trumped by what they are seeing

IX    Audience Participation

  • How to encourage it if you want it
  • How to reduce it, if you don’t want it
  • How to avoid killing it if you want it
  • How to avoid it getting out of hand when you don’t want it

X    Managing Q&A

  • Prospecting for potential questions
  • Setting the rules for Q&A up front
  • 5 things to focus on when fielding questions from the audience

XI    The Elephant in the Room

  • Effectively identifying hot button issues
  • When to avoid hot button issues and when to take them on

XII    Handling Hostile Audience Members

  • 6 things you can to do to neutralize the situation

XIII    “Ladies and Gentlemen, Please help me welcome…”

  • Elements of a great introduction
  • What to do when they want to “wing it”

XIV    Effective Team Presentations

  • Think “Choreography”
  • Assigning a traffic cop
  • Staying in your lane