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Q: How long are your programs?

The answer depends upon the level of customization you’re interested in. Many of my programs have a practicum element included designed to allow the participants to practice the skills being taught right there in the seminar space. On each topic page on this website, you’ll find the estimated time for delivery of that topic. Let’s talk about your needs. I’ll meet them.


Q: How much customization do you build into your programs?

The answer is LOTS! It’s always been important for me to have my clients be able to translate my message and tactics into their real-world environment. That happens because of significant consultation with each client in advance of the delivery of the content.


Q: How much will all those “pre-program consultations” cost us?

Not a penny! It’s my job to be optimally prepared to deliver the best possible program. Understanding you and your culture is a critical and necessary part of that equation.


Q. How much does it cost to book you?

Your investment to book me will be my speaking fee (which is based on 2-hour blocks of time) plus any travel related expenses. You’ll find my detailed fee structure at the bottom each topic page


Q. Do you provide workbooks or handouts for your programs?

Yep. Typically, I’ll have them pre-printed in the form of a workbook and either bring them with me or ship them ahead for in-person presentations. Alternatively, for my live on-line presentations, I’ll provide you with a pdf of the workbook for that (or those) topics. What’s cool about the PDF workbook documents is they are built as interactive forms meaning participants can type their notes directly into the pdf document if they so choose.


Q. What are your A/V Requirements?

Pretty simple. All I’ll need is a projection system to connect my MacBook to. Yeah, I’m one of those guys… but rest assured that I’ll bring all the requisite adapters necessary to connect to any projection system. As for a microphone, a wireless lapel microphone is best… because I tend to talk with my hands and move around a lot.


Q. Do you normally travel in the day of your presentation?

Murphy’s law has taught me over the past couple of decades that anything that can go wrong may go wrong; especially as it relates to travel. I prefer to schedule my arrival the day before the speaking engagement. I also usually take the next to the last flight to the destination city on the day prior, just to give myself the best chance to avoid falling prey to any flight disruptions.


Q. How do we book you?

Simple, just click on the “Get Started” button and let me know the particulars of your request, and I’ll get back to you post haste to work out the logistics, and then send you a program confirmation to solidify the engagement.

Q. Do you also do virtual presentations?


Are you ready to book Greg?